Portable Flight data recorder

log, track and send data in real time

only with a smartphone


for flying clubs and flight schools

The first fully integrated smartphone app

to manage your fleet

Go Social

Interact with your community using the app

and promote flying

no hardware, no installation, no investment

reduce costs,

pilot’s phone will do the job


Flight Time Management

Flight Time Management

Flight time auto logging (hobbs, block, flight)
Remaining component life alerts (maintenance)
Ratings expiry alerts

Real Time Aircraft Tracking

Real Time Aircraft Tracking

SOLO remote supervision for Instructors
Real time flight parameters
Control your fleet and share info with other pilots

Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

More Safety, more control of what your pilots are doing
Engine Health Monitoring
Incidents post flight analysis

Boost Community

Boost Community

Smartphone notifications
Social networking with your pilots
More plans, more flying

how it works




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what do you need on the aircraft ?

A smartphone is all you need…

Because we now your business very well we developed aeroclAPP. This awarded smartphone app manages the multiple sensors on your smartphone to detect and monitor all flight events: as take off, the number of landings, monitor G’s, the engine status, engine settings, time for the engine checks and much more… It will also monitor all undesirable events such as hard landings, high-G maneuvers or any incidents that might affect the health of your fleet and safety of your flights.

Keep track of your fleet and use the pilots’ smartphone instead of buying, installing and maintaining expensive GPS-only equipment. Take the next step and join the community of clubs, schools and private owners that already benefit from aeroclAPP.


NO interface  (keep the smartphone in your pocket)

NO need to install any equipment onboard

10 times cheaper than other solutions

Try us !

you’ll be amazed of what a smartphone can do with aeroclAPP !

Provide your pilots with a practical tool






any question ?

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